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1000 Masterpieces of Genius

1000 Beromda Konstverk. Coauthored. (Utgivningsdatum, 2007)

1000 Genialnich Obrazu. Coauthored (Korea: Parkstone, 2007)

1000 Mesterverk, Malerkunsten anernjente 1200 Til 2000. Co-authored (Oslo: Messel Forlam, 2006)

1000 Obras-Primas Da Pintura Coauthored (Encadernação, 2007)

1000 Paintings of Genius Coauthored  (Barnes and Noble, 2007)

1000 Pinturas de los Grandes Maestros. Coauthored . (Spanish) Translated on some Spanish sites as 1000 Paintings of the Great Teachers.

1000 Masterpieces of Genius is also in Japanese, Korean and other languages. JP.


Anciennes cartes marines: a la découverte des nouveaux mondes: 1290-1699. (New York: Parkstone Press, 2000) In at least 4 libraries. CA FR


Best Guide to the Unexplained. (New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1999) Purchased, but line was discontinued during production. It was never published. For a synopsis see ecampus.com


Chagall: Vitsbsk, Paris, Neuva York.  Co-authored  (Paris: Parkstone Press, 2007) In Spanish: Wigal wrote the last three of six chapters. In at least three libraries.   CA FR UK   [For this book, the author is sometimes named on-line as Douglas or Donal [sic] Wigal.]


The Cicero Project: A Celebration of Old Age by Common Bonders. Edited. (Incarnate Words, 2009)


Crossword Lover’s Book of Lists.  (New York: Lakewood, 1985) 64 pages.


Encyclopedia of the Strange, Mystical and Unexplained. Rosemary Ellen Guiley (Ed.) (New York: Gramercy Books, 2001) 40 unsigned articles. Second edition of Harper’s Encyclopedia.  q.v.   US


Experiences in Faith: A Program for An Adult Church.  With Charles Murphy. (New York: Herder and Herder, 1969-70) Eight paperbacks. A Sense of Life; A Way of Community; A Presence of Love; A Vision of Hope: A Cinerama of Things to Come. A separate discussion leader’s guide to each of the four volumes.  In at least 81 libraries.  US


Fascinating Facts About Animals. (Amsterdam, NY: Coleco, 1981) 1001 Q&A for a microchipped learning program.


Faszination des Opiums in Geschichte und Kunst, Die.  (London: Parkstone International, 2004) (International / Kroemer: Gebundene Ausgabe, 2005)  In at least 1 library.  DE FR JP UK


General Knowledge. (Amsterdam, NY: Coleco, 1981) 1001 Q&A for a microchiped learning program based on the author’s Ph.D. thesis.


Harper’s Encyclopedia of Mystical and Paranormal Experiences. Rosemary Ellen Guiley (Ed.) (San Francisco: HarperSanFrancisco, 1991) 40 unsigned articles by Donald Wigal.


Historic Maritime Maps.  (Paris: Parkstone Press, Gebundene Ausgabe, 2007) CA DE FR JP US


Historic Maritime Maps, 1290-1699: Journeys Into the Past.  (London: New Line Books, 2005; Grange, 2006) An abridged edition of the preceeding. In at least 118 libraries.  CA DE FR JP UK US


Historic Maritime Maps from the Vatican Collection, 1290-1700. (Paris: Parkstone Press, 2001;: Gebundene Ausgabe, 2001) A premature listing of an envisioned work that was aborted. See instead the following entry.


Historic Maritime Maps Used for Historic Exploration, 1290-1699.  (New York: Parkstone Press, 2005)  CA US 


Historische Seekarten: Entdeckungsfahrten zu neuen Welten, 1290-1699. (New York: Parkstone Press, 2000) In at least two libraries.  DE FR GR US


Jackson Pollock: La Dissimulation de l'image.  (London: Parkstone International, 2006)  CA DE FR US


Jackson Pollock: Veiling the Image. (Paris: Parkstone Press, 2006)  In at least 17 libraries.


Jackson Pollock: Verschleierungen. (Paris: Parkstone Press: Gebundene Ausgabe, 2001)


L'Opium. (Paris: Parkstone International, 2004) In at least 163 libraries.


La mystique de l'opium dans l'histoire et dans l'art. (New York: Parkstone; Paris: ADAGP, 2004) In a least one library.  CA FR US


Magritte.  See Rene Magritte.


Maritime Maps. (London: Mega Squares, 2007); (New Line Books, 2007); (Taschenbuch, 2006)


Matisse and Fauvism. The introduction to The Fauves. Natalia Brodskaya. (Paris: Parkstone Press, 2007)


Mystique of Opium in History and Art, The. (New York: Parkstone International, 2004) In at least 49 libraries.


Opium. (Paris: Parkstone International, 2004;  Gebundene Ausgabe, 2004)


Peintures de Génie: 1000 Chefs-d'oeuvre du XIIIe siècle   nos jours. Co-authored (Reader’s Digest in France, 2006)


Personal Energy and How To Get It. [Westwood, NJ: Q-Publications, 1977) 64 pages. 


Pollock: Veiling the Image.  (Paris: Parkstone International, 2006)  US


Pollock. Abridged edition in French. FR


Pollock. (Barcelona: Ediciones del Aguazul, 2007)


Questions about the Bible. (Amsterdam, NY: Coleco, 1981) 1001 Q&A for a microchiped learning program.


Rene Magritte.  (Sorocco, 2007) In French only.  FR


Sargent: 1854-1925.  (England: Grange Books, 2007)


Scholastic Encyclopedia of the United States. Judith Bock. [New York: Scholastic, 1997) 100 Factoid sidebars. two per state.  US


Smidget, The Smallest Horse in the World.  Don Wayne Wigal. (Middletown, CT: Weekly Reader Books, 1985) In at least 19 libraries.  US


Tools of the Writer’s Trade. Dodi Schultz (Ed.) (New York: American Society of Journalists and Authors, 1889) Entries listed in the index to the book.


Visions of Nostradamus and Other Prophets.  (New York: Gramercy Books, 1999) (Taschenbuch - Dez. 1998); (Gebundene Ausgabe, 1999); (Australia: Pan Macmillan, 2001) In at least 77 libraries.  CA DE FR UK US


Wisdom of Eleanor Roosevelt, The. (New York: Citadel); (London: Turnaround, 2003); (Germany, Taschenbuch, 2003) In at least 56 libraries. CA DE JP UK US  [Included in  the biliography of Conrad’s Black’s FDR (2005). Page 1213.


Your Cosmo Guide to Personalities. (New York: Hearst Corp., 1996) The Cosmopolitan Magazine Quiz Collection. 16 pages.


Errata Re: Books

In the current Parkstone International Catalogue, the book The Lady and the Unicorn is indicated as by Donald Wigal, but it is in fact by Lyall Sutherland.


Some on-line databases mistakenly note that The Wisdom of Theodore Roosevelt is by Donald Wigal. It is in fact by Donald Richardson. Wigal’s book is The Wisdom of Eleanor Roosevelt.


In their citations to the books Magritte and “1000 Paintings of Genius,” some on-line sellers mistakenly refer to Donald Wigal as Douglass Wigal.


Amazon lists properties written by Donald Wigal which were purchased but were never published, including Explaining the Unexplainable (Renaissance Books).


On some academic reading lists Wigal is given as the author of History: Fiction or Science? However, his only connection with that set of three volumes is in its bibliography where the French edition of his maritime map book is listed as # 1478.


The overpriced profile of Wigal in Contemporary Authors (Gale) being sold on Amazon is over 40 years old. It wasn’t of much value even at the outset. It is not recommended.




As Senior Editor of special markets at Dell Publishing in the 70s, Wigal edited about 100 mass market books. He edited about 50 more as founding editor of Lakewood Books. He edited a dozen more as charter editor of Hourglass Romances. Other books edited include the following.


Breads You Can Bake (Minneapolis: Lakewood, 1976) 64 pages.


Drug Education for Teachers and Parents; Readings and Resources.  With John E. Imhof. (New York: Sadlier, 1970) In at least 29 libraries.


Love in New York: The Alternative Anthology: 50 Illustrated Poems. (New York: The Alternative, 1976)


Salads. (Minneapolis: Lakewood, 1976) 64 pages.


Screen Experience: An Approach to Film.  With Sharon Feyen. For The Journalism Education Association National Curriculum Commission. (Dayton, Ohio: Pflaum, 1969)  Recommended in The Education Media Yearbook, 1973.  In at least 291 libraries. 



Books Indexed

Selected from over 200


Academic American Encyclopedia. (Princeton, NJ: Arete  / Grolier Enterprises, 1996) All art and architecture articles in 22 volumes.


Believing Scholars: Ten Catholic Intellectuals. James Heft (Ed.) (New York: Fordham University Press, 2005)


Beyond Violence: Religious Sources of Social Transformation in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. James Heft (Ed.) (New York: Fordham University Press, 2004)


Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care. C. J. Puotinen. (New York: McGraw Hill, 2000)


Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft. Rosemary Guiley (Checkmark Books, 1999)


Faith and the Intellectual Life. James Heft (Ed.) (New York: Fordham University Press, 1996)


In Pursuit of Deitrich Bonhoeffer. William Kuhns, (Dayton, OH: Pflaum, 1968. )  (New York: Image Books, 1969)


New York Times Encyclopedia of Film, The. Volume 13. Gene Brown (Ed.) (New York: The New York Times, c. 1984) Facsimilies of articles from The New York Times, 1896-1979. Volume 13 by Donald Wigal is the index to the other 12 volumes.


Pet Encyclopedia. Frank Manolson.  (Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, 1981)


Post-Industrial Prophets: Interpretations of Technology. William Kuhns. (New York: Colophone Books, 1973)


Prophet for Our Time: An Anthology of the Writings of Rabbi Marc Tannenbaum. Judith Banki. (New York: Fordham University Press, 2002)


Booklets for Magazines

Booklets for promotion have been written by Wigal for Cosmopolitan, Country Living, Esquire, Ladies Home Journal, Money, Smart Money, Time.


Wigal Books Reviewed

Several of the books have been reviewed on-line, such as on Amazon in the US, France and Germany.  Off-line, the maritime map book especially has been reviewed in scholarly journals, including Cartography and Geoinformation (Feb. 8, 2002) from the Croation Cartographic Society. Full text on-line.



A dozen short stories were published under as many pseudonyms in a series called Lunch Bag Romances”  An interactive edition was available for years on-line, but no longer maintained.


The short story “Blue Grass Castle” appeared in the textbook Effective English. (Silver Burdett).


Humor writing from the New York Magazine competition, edited by Mary Ann Madden, is included in Thank Your for the Giant Sea Tortoise and Son of Sea Tortoise (Viking, 1969-75).


100 Limericks and A Limerick Suite of 50 Composers are self-published booklets.

Works by Donald Wigal (1933-  ) were written in English only. Editions in other languages are translations. All books since 1980 were initially edited by Catherine O'Reilly. Nearly all books were works-for-hire without royalties.






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